​ Dawn has been practicing Yoga since 2006.  Her yoga journey began practicing at  the local gym.  In 2007, she was introduced to Bikram Yoga and began practicing on a regular basis.  From the first day she stepped on the mat, she fell in love with  the mind, body, and spirit connection.  

 Working in the high stress corporate world, the yoga room became her sanctuary and provided her the time she needs to connect with herself by removing all outside distractions.  As her practice progressed, she started realizing the many benefits that yoga brings and through cultivating a regular practice, she has learned techniques to better understand the mind & body and how to practice yoga both on and off the mat.

Early in her Yoga journey she knew that she would be a life-long student, continuously growing and expanding her knowledge in a practice that is over 5,000 years old.  She has taken several workshops and master classes with well known yogis (Bikram/Hot Yoga:  Bikram Choudhury, Rajashree Choudhury, Joseph  Encinia, Craig Villani, Lynn Whitlow, and Lucas Miles.  Yin Yoga:  Bernie Clark, Diana Batts, and Joe Barnett.   Vinyasa:  Jason Crandell and Forest Yoga:  Brian Campbell).  

In May 2016, Dawn graduated from the Hapa Yoga 200-hour teacher training program in San Diego, CA and was certified in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga.  She also attended Yin Yoga Teacher Training in August 2016 in Vancouver, Canada with Bernie Clark and Diana Batts.  Based on her strong passion for Yin she attended a 2nd teacher training In September 2016 with Joe Barnett.  As a life-long student she will continue expanding her knowledge yoga disciplines and expects to complete her 500 hour certification in 2017.  

In her classes she encourages students to take time out for themselves and to turn inward focusing on self-love, mindfulness and bringing balance to life both on and off the mat.  

Balancing Yogi